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Real or Fiction????

the multiple claims community.

Claim anyone, real,fictional,political...anything!
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believe the hype ... it's the truth.
This community is not your average claims community. I not only allow celebrity claims, I also allow political claims,fictional character claims, ship(i.e Indiana Jones x Marion Ravenwood), voice actors/actresses(1980-present day). If you can think of anything else, I can create a section for random claims too !! :D

This is how the requests should be filed:
I'd like....

and then here is the prompt:

I am ____________ in the real_or_fiction community.

Claiming rules:
1. Multiple users can't have the same claim...but you can claim things within the claim,for example:

Hillary Clinton is my claim, but someone else wants her. So....

Other users can claim her pantsuits, her voice,etc. I only allow one person per main claim,and multiple can claim keep of an object or something the original claim may have.

2. I won't make a huge deal if I don't know the person you are claiming. Does not have to be mainstream whatsoever. I mean, everyone I've claimed before arent totally mainstream. And you can claim people over 40 if you desire. I don't see the huge deal, but some people can be total assholes because it's like,"zomgthepplulykeidkwththeyare???" They expect people to like mainstream. But, it doesn't have to be that way here.

3. How many claims do we ask? Ten is the max for now, but if you're active plenty, we can up that one :D

Enjoy and have fun!!

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